KSL 2019

When you are paying by e-transfer please include:

Managers - the team name and division
Players' name(s) for new registrants and fines
Short note on what the payment is towards

Your manager has the e-transfer question and answer and the email you use is:

There is a new FAQ webpage that we will update when new queries are received.

The match officials' fee for the Premier Div. is $80 and $40 for the rest of the KSL.

Drinking at Burnaby Lake will result in a fine and possible expulsion from the KSL!

Players must register before playing in the Knight Soccer League.

Players 18 years old or younger have to submit a parental liability form signed by a parent or guardian before they can play in the Knight Soccer League.

The team registration fee is $300; the performance bond is $200.

Nightly field costs vary from next to nothing for a Delta grass pitch to over $125 for a Vancouver turf.

The 2019 Knight Soccer League kicks-off April 7-11, the Premier Division starts April 30 to May 2.

Division winning teams refusing promotion the following season may not be eligible for the playoffs.

Team Registration;

1. Complete and submit the online Team Affiliation form.
2. The KSL will send you the e-transfer question and answer
3. You will e-transfer the $300 team registration and any bond owed
4. The KSL will send you the player registration username and password

Managers with questions not answered on the website please contact us at: