Players drinking at a KSL game are not allowed to take any further part in the match. Don’t bring the cooler to the field!

When you are paying by e-transfer please include:

Managers - the team name and division
Players' name(s) for new registrants and fines
Short note on what the payment is towards

Your manager has the e-transfer question and answer and the email you use is:

There is a new FAQ webpage that we will update when new queries are received.

The match officials' fee for the Premier Div. is $80 and $40 for the rest of the KSL.

Drinking at Burnaby Lake will result in a fine and possible expulsion from the KSL!

Players must register before playing in the Knight Soccer League.

Players 18 years old or younger have to submit a parental liability form signed by a parent or guardian before they can play in the Knight Soccer League.

The 2018 Knight Soccer League Premier Division season will start the week of April 30 to May 3

Managers with questions not answered on the website please contact us at:

Division winning teams refusing promotion the following season may not be eligible for the playoffs