Referee Reports

Text or call right after your game ends with the day, date, kick-off time & field, division, home team & score then away team & score; also note if the game was decided by kicks from the mark after a tie and short message if anything unusual happened to 604-441-6065 & 604-897-7898, but do NOT send attachments by text as they cannot be read. You need to then submit your online match report and any discipline within 24 hours of your match. When the player roster has hand-written names or is not an official KSL roster then scan and email the roster to

We will continue to have kicks-from-the-mark if a match is tied after regulation starting with 3 vs. 3 then if still tied 1 vs. 1 sudden death for league and cup matches. When you stop play to issue a caution or send-off make sure you write down the player's number, full name, time of incident and use some kind of abbreviation for the reason. Do not just write down the player's jersey number, make sure you have the name. Goal scorers can be noted by jersey number then after the match check with the players or coach and use your copy of the game day roster to confirm the name.

Every player must show you picture ID, usually when you do the pre-game ID check but players showing-up during play can still play. Players arriving after your pre-match inspection should have their ID checked at half-time or if they arrive after the second half has started then you must check their ID at the end of the match. They can use winter league ID, government ID, young players can use student ID and any other ID that accurately identifies the player you are checking. If there are problems with ID let the player play and report the problem to the league. The KSL would appreciate if you did not tell a player not to play in a match or volunteer information regarding possible consequences. The pre-game inspection is when you should collect your $40 match fee along with two copies of the game day roster from each manager. You will check-off players on your copy of the game day roster; keep this one for your records. Then sign and give the opposing coach the second copy.

The league, players & coaches want the games played. Teams that do a poor job of; prepping the field, their match day paperwork, supplying alternate jerseys or fielding a full side will be dealt with by the league and we hope you will do your best to play the game. The league encourages teams that don't have a full squad to give their opponents the points and pick-up some players from the opponents to play an exhibition with both teams still paying you to referee the match.