Player Red Card Send-Off Incident Report

Automatic Suspensions
Any person red carded & / or sent-off will serve a minimum one (1) week suspension, three  (3) accumulated cautions equals a one (1) week suspension, five (5) accumulated cautions equals a two (2) week suspension, two (2) cautions in the same match is at least a one (1) week suspension and depending on player behavior following the second yellow card there could be more games added to the suspension. Players who are registered on more than one team will be suspended from play in all Knight Soccer League games for the duration of the suspension and if a match is postponed the suspension will also be delayed.

Discipline Reports
Participants shown the red card and /or sent-off must complete and submit a Red Card Incident report through the website. Then the discipline board will review the available information and when they have reached a decision the league will post the suspension end date. Weeks suspended while awaiting the submittal of the Red Card Incident Report or while awaiting the discipline boards’ decision on length of suspension will be counted in the suspension.

There is an option for an in-person hearing with time and location to be determined after the receipt of the non-refundable $200 hearing fee.

Suspension fines are $20 for every week of the suspension.

Indefinite Suspensions

Player / Coach Name Team Name Send-offs Suspended
Badesha , Dan(iel) Singh Punjab Hurricanes B 27-Jul-10 Indefinitely
Bonilla, Jose Estrella de Chile 21-Jul-10 Indefinitely
Candia , Jorge Northland Saints   $
Correa, Flavio Cesar El Correcaminos 16-Jun-15 Indefinitely
Duffy, Shaun Westcoast SC 01-Jul-10 $
Gelz, Joey Surrey F. C. Caps 08-Jun-10 Indefinitely
Gilmore, Julie West Coast Diabloes 24-Aug-14 Indefinitely
Hernandez, George Cliff Sr Cobra 18-May-16
Kind, James Vancouver Greencaps 28-Apr-16
Kovacevic, Sandro Europa FC 10-Jul-17 Indefinitely
Kumar, Elvin Burnaby Pirates   $
Lea, Chris G. E. U. Black Knights 29-May-08 Indefinitely
McConville, Dave U.B.C. Metropolitan 23-Jun-10 Indefinitely
Melendez, Yubini Pacific Eagles 28-Jul-10 Indefinitely
Nijjar, Amolak Singh SBMC Vipers 10-May-17 Indefinitely
Oliveira, Dhillon PCOV 'A' 04-May-10 Indefinitely
Palani, Osman Guildford United 12-Jul-16 Indefinitely 
Panzetta, Roger Western United 04-May-08 Indefinitely
Petrie, Ben RBS Construction 05-Sep-09 $
Poole, Bryan N.D. Titans F. C. 05-May-09 Indefinitely
Pupov, Alexander We R United 24-Jun-15 Indefinitely
Renaerts, Zenow Aldergrove Hilighters 24-Aug-14 Indefinitely
Raines , Andy Tsawwassen Royals   $
Sanjari, Peyman Eagles FC 30-Jun-16 Indefinitely 
Villagomez, Oscar El Correcaminos 16-Jun-15 Indefinitely
Wells, Mike ND Nationals   $

2018 Current Suspensions

Updated July 26 2017
Name Team Date Status Fine Player #
Mokhtari, Hami Alemania FC July, 18 Awaiting Players report  
Selby, Caleb Alemania FC July, 18 Awaiting Players report  
Mann, Arjun BC Tigers June 1 Awaiting player report  
Keam, Tyson BTIL May 31 Under review  
Lehal, Avtar CCB Eagles AL May 29 Awaiting player report    
Herrera, Neyker Cliff Sr Cobra June, 29 Awaiting Players report    
Rosales, Ernesto Cliff Sr Cobra June, 29 Awaiting Players report    
Devicente, Jorge Man Chest Hair City July, 12 Awaiting Players report  
Ghaderi, Boohar Saints May 23 Under review
Nijjar, Amolak Singh SBMC Vipers May 10 Indefinitely
Wright, Robert SBMC Vipers May 10 Awaiting player report
Anthony, Kristian Super Strikers  July, 18 Under review    
Randhawa, Gurmit Temple United June 1 Awaiting player report    
Jhutty, Bobby United FC June, 29 Awaiting player report    
Szamborski, Marcin Whalley City FC July, 25 Awaiting Player's Report  

2018 Current Cautions

Updated July 12, 2017
Player Name Team Name 1st Caution 2nd Caution 3rd Caution 4th Caution 5th Caution