The serious health scare and life-saving on field CPR for 
Christian Ericsson in the 2020 (2021) Euros whilst playing for Denmark 
has prompted the KSL to add a first aid option for those interested in 
learning or refreshing their CPR and first aid skills. The links / URLs 
below are for the Red Cross and some other groups offering courses such as St. 
Johns. These and others can also be contacted for more information and to sign-up for a 
course; save a life!


If you are injured during a league game and require medical treatment, your BC Medical Services Plan and any extended insurance coverage you may have should be the first source of assistance for coverage. If you require supplemental coverage, the KSL as an affiliate member of BC Soccer is provided coverage through BC Soccer's insurer. Please see detailed information here for coverage information, the policy number, and the claim form.

The claim form is accessible in the section under Sport Accident Insurance, or you can access it directly here. If you would like to make a claim, please fill out the attached form and send to the insurance company directly at (This email address also shows in the attached claim form). As a kindly reminder, the Sport Accident Policy No. under BC Soccer is CAS665228-05 and it must be accompanied by a Doctor’s note and all medical receipts.