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Email a brief resume (100 words maximum) with calibre, age and full contact information so that managers can contact you if they are interested to We will cut and paste it onto the website as submitted - that means PUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER IN THE MESSAGE.  Remember, IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE CONTACT INFORMATION, NOBODY WILL BE ABLE TO REACH YOU. Postings may be deleted after approximately three months.

Please note the following:

  2. The KSL is a SPRING and SUMMER league; there are no winter season games scheduled.
  3. Players MUST play in at least one regular season match with a team to qualify for Cup play.
  4. Postings may be deleted after approximately three months.
  5. If you have signed with a team, or wish to be removed from this list, please email us at the address above.

Hi I'm Alpha 23. I've been playing competitive soccer for more than ten years now back in Sierra Leone where I came from. I played for West castle United div 2 in Victoria last year. I moved in Vancouver a month ago and hoping to continue my playing career. I am pretty much comfortable playing as a winger, a central midfielder and a striker as well. My email address is:

Cell number: 2368821231

I am Sethuraman and I have recently moved to Vancouver and I am looking for a team to play soccer regularly. 
I am 23 years old and I have played soccer throughout my school and University. I can either play as a Right Back or as a Central Midfielder. I can say that my best attribute is reading of the game and making crucial tackles. I can also pick a pass.

Email -
Phone - 7788651504



Hi there, My name is Devin Batcheller, I am 35 years old. I played
competitively growing up (defense and midfield) but haven't played
any kind of organised soccer in 15 years. I live in Cloverdale.
Looking to get back into it this spring for fitness and fun.

I am a 30 year old male looking for a team. Could be men's or co-ed, prefer competitive. I have played soccer my entire life, including 10 years of men's league and indoor. I generally thrive in the midfield but I am versatile and can play all positions. I am fast, have good vision and passing, tenacious on the ball, communicate well and am a fun and supportive teammate. I have refereed for 15 years as well so I have a good handle on the rules and pride myself on sportsmanship.

Mike Turner
778 888 8613 (Text if possible)


Phone # 604-657-8833

Hi there, 

My name is Kevin, I would like to join a soccer team in this league for the upcoming spring/summer season. I'm 27 years old and have been playing competitive soccer for 20 years in Ontario and just recently moved to Vancouver and looking to join a team. My preference is to play goalie but I would be open to playing another position if need be. If you can get back to me or help me out with any info that would be great.



Hi there,
My girlfriend (24) and I (29) are looking for a coed team to play on.
We have both played since we were kids. She is an aggressive striker
or outside midfielder and I am happiest most playing center mid. We
live in Langley and would be committed to making it to play a
Mike Mathwig

Hi there, My name is Iman ayach, I am 24 years old. I play
competitively (striker/midfield) I recently had to quit my team as I moved away I’m in surrey now so looking for a team closer to my house
Looking to get back into it this spring for fitness and fun.

If you have any more questions you can reach me at 604 722 2473 or


Hi I am a boy with 22 years old and I am defender. I am looking for a soccer team in division1. Please give me adress and time for tryout. My phone number is 604 401 7357 .
Ariyan Mahnaviyan
Thank you


Hello my name is Aidan Correia and I am 23 years old. I have played soccer since I was 4 years old and played competitively until I was 18. Since then I have played in the VSL Division 2 (The Men's league on Vancouver Island) and intermurals in UVIC

I am looking to play in the Men's league starting April. I can play anywhere on the pitch (maybe not goalie), preferably in the Midfield but am versatile, I have played all positions growing up. I play hard with a passion for the game, I really need to dust off my boots, please pick me up!

My name is Tyler Spencer, I'm 33, haven't played in about a year but have played since I was 4. Have played various levels from premier to div 3 but mostly at the div 1 level. I live downtown vancouver but have no problems getting to the fields listed! My cell is 604 446 2485. 

Hi there,

My name is Title, I spent the last year playing in this league and BMSL. I am 24 years old, and can play in multiple positions including wing back/winger/full back/ and central midfielder. Feel free to reach me at or 778-988-5842.



Hi my name is Dave, 28 years old

Looking to play for a Div 3/4 team. I'm in decent shape, hard working,
competitive, and will show up consistently. Played growing up till 15 and
lived in Manchester the last couple years and played for fun and loved it.
Just moved to Vancouver and looking for a fun team atmosphere and to stay
in shape. I can fit in where needed


Hi i'm Theo. I'm looking for a team for the summer. I've played div 2 and div 3 bmsl for the past 6 years. I can play midfield or striker.
You can contact me at 778 886 5042

Hi, I'm Darren (25) from Dublin, Ireland. Generally a full back or across the midfield. While it's been a few years since I put on a pair of boots, I play astro with my mates often. Looking for a team in the lower half of the divisions if possible. Let me know by contacting me on 7782324712 or Cheers!

Name - Aayush
Age- 27
Position - Midfield/defensive Midfield/ Play-maker
Playing Style- Most similar to Toni Kroos (hala Madrid) , Paul Pogba (GGMU)
Attributes- Strength/ Stamina/
Experience Experience- 10 years
250 619-2058

Hi, my name is Quinn Allen. I've played BMSL Div 1 in Burnaby for the last
three years. I scored 8 goals in just 13 games this past season up front.
I'm a quick and physical striker with the ability to score goals on a
consistent basis. I want to play some competitive soccer this summer and I
know I can be a great asset to any team. I can also play on the left or
right wing.

My email is:
Phone number: 604-366-4410

Goalkeeper looking for a team

Hi I’m Keerit. Just moved here from Calgary where I played keeper in the Div 2 league. Looking to play here as well.
Email –


Hello, my name is Michael and I am looking for a team to join. I'm 20 year old male living in Burnaby/New Westminster. I played competitively during fall/winter season. I'd like to play during spring. My favorite position is centre midfield (defensive preferred) or centre back . Im flexible and can play most positions Offensively and defensively . You can reach me at or 778-712-3196

Two div. 1 VMSL players (25 years old) looking for a fun or competitive team (in Surrey) to stay in shape for the fall season. One plays midfield the other plays midfield or defence.

Email -
Phone - 778-837-2750


Hi my name is Jason Marturano I am looking for a team to join I am 38 years old. I played on a team in the Ottawa valley when I was 20
I am comfortable playing any position but goalie. You can contact me at 604-354-9093

Thank you.

My name is Abdullah,21. I have previous experience in VMSL, i have played at the u21 and div 2 categories. my preferred position is striker ( forward )
my contact info is:


My name is Kasra Mojarrad and I’m 21 years old. I am really interested to sign up in your soccer team club and play part of your team.

Please advise what should be the appropriate next steps.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Unfortunately Kasra did not include any contact information other than his name and age.

My name is Alex and I am looking to play some soccer. I am 28 years old and have been playing rec/university intramural soccer over the past 6 years. I played on my high school team in Toronto but otherwise never played competitive level soccer. Happy to play any level of soccer in any position. Contact info below:


Cell: 613-282-9868

Thank you,


My name is Paige, I'm a 28 year old female midfielder/striker looking
for a coed team for the summer.
I've played in this league the past 2 years for the Metropolitan FC
team who decided not to join this year. I've played
Metro/Premier/University soccer for 10+ years.
I prefer to play centre midfield, however I'm comfortable on the wings
and can certainly play striker. My strengths are ball control with
accurate passes through to offense and 1 vs. 1 dangles when appropriate.
I'm happy to be on-call for any team (preferably home field in
Vancouver/Burnaby) or as a full-time player. Contact info below:

hey there.

I haven't played soccer in a good few years and I'm looking to get back into it. I was wondering if you could recommend any leagues or teams that are looking for players. it would be more of a beginner or intermediate level.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


For the individual who sent us this posting, our first suggestion would be to read the guidelines at the top of this page that clearly state "PUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER IN THE MESSAGE.  Remember, IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE CONTACT INFORMATION, NOBODY WILL BE ABLE TO REACH YOU."

Hi there..

I am Julien (Jules) , 28 years old and live currently in Burnaby. I am
looking for a soccer team in Div 3 or 4. I prefer a position in the
defence but I would be open to playing another position.I have been
playing soccer for the last 15 years in Germany.
Feel free to contact me

Mail: <>
Phone: 604-368-8781

Best Regards

My name is Abdullah. I am looking for a team to play on for the
spring/summer season. I am 20 years old and I have previously played
on youth teams, my highschool team and a men's team. I thrive in the
midfield making key passes.

I'm a 36 year old player who used to play at urban rec a lot and also
indoors. I play AMF or winger and am looking to join a team full time.


Hello my name is michel, I am a man and I have played all my life, I
am Mexican, I play in third division, I am 27 years old, and I am
looking for a competitive team to continue playing football. I play in
the midfield, like 8 or 10. My email is my phone is +5213317866516

Hi, I'm ken. I'm 21 years old Japanese.
I'm looking for team.
I have 14 years experience. I play soccer Japanese university.
I can either play central midfielder.
Thank you!
phone  604-966-4650
Kentaro Tanikawa

I am Rithik Tarika. I am 19years of age and I am came in Vancouver
around 6 months ago. I currently play for BC Tigers U21. My desire is
to play in mens league so that I develop quicker as it is more
competitive. I like to play on wing or behind the striker. I am not a
good sprinter but technique, vision, dribbling and stamina are my
Thank you. Rithik 7789177223

My Name is Juan I’m a 38 years old, from Mexico ,living and playing the game here and Vancouver Bc since 2006. I have paly an different team in Vancouver ,Burnaby, north van, Richmond.. i can play as a striker, center midfielder, right midfielder, right back and yes i have play as a  left med. And left back. And  yes i have play as a goal keeper but i suck it..
My email 778-320-1260

Hey there my name is Conner, I'm 22 years of age and a winger/striker looking for a team right away, I've been playing competitively for about 7 years but haven't been with a team in about a year, but still capable of creating success for a squad.

call or text 6043757333 or email