Players Looking for a Team

Email a brief resume (100 words maximum) with calibre, age and full contact information so that managers can contact you if they are interested to admin@knightsoccerleague.org. We will cut and paste it onto the website as submitted - that means PUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER IN THE MESSAGE.  Remember, IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE CONTACT INFORMATION, NOBODY WILL BE ABLE TO REACH YOU. Postings may be deleted after approximately three months.

Please note the following:

  2. The KSL is a SPRING and SUMMER league; there are no winter season games scheduled.
  3. Players MUST play in at least one regular season match with a team to qualify for Cup play.
  4. Postings may be deleted after approximately three months.
  5. If you have signed with a team, or wish to be removed from this list, please email us at the address above.


My name is Neil and I'm looking for a team.

I'm 30 years old and play Defence or Midfield. I played in university and
was playing for first and second division teams in Toronto.


Unfortunately Neil didn't follow the directions above either and has not provided any contact information with this message.


I am Sid, a 28 YO male. I recently moved to Vancouver and I'm looking for a
soccer team to join. I play in the midfield and would be grateful if you
could connect me to any teams/managers that are looking for players.

Thank you,

Unfortunately Sid did not provide any contact information with this message.

I'm Habib
I'm 30 years old

I have 10 years of experience in the soccer game

I played  ten years as the right and left midfielder, right
    And I have experience as a central midfielder.

Best regard


Hello My Name is Shivneel Vellu, I am based in North Delta, 19 years of
age. I am looking for a high level team, possibly Division 2 or above. I
primarily play as a winger on either side and can play as a CAM as well. I
have some premier experience as well as AAA experience as well.

Contact Information:

Phone: 778-798-7294
Email: shnaicker06@gmail.com

Hello my name is Alex i'm locating to Burnaby in the upcoming month looking
for a division 3 team
I've played as a midfielder in my highschool years but would like to try
My contact information is 250-299-5323

My name is Mohammed Safvan and i am a goalkeeper arrived vancovour first of
April.I don’t know about the clubs here and i am seeking for a better team
to play.heard about KSL from a friend and i don’t have any option to
contact team.So i there is any availability for a goalkeeper please inform
+1 (672) 338-8577 this is my contact number..

Im Liam, 25 years old, 6'2" can play centerback and goalkeeper, but 
am open to playing any position though my skill set is mostly 
defensive. Looking for a div 3 team to play with over the spring. My 
experience is playing in the VMSL in Div 3 and Div 4 for the past 2 
years. I can make all matches and have a vehicle available to pick 
up other players with.

Liam Pegg

Hi my name is Moh Mehrabi. I’m looking for a premier or div 1 team.
I played in division 1 VMSL in past year. I’m a winger or can be
used as a striker hungry to score.

Moh Mehrabi
(604) 723 6770


My name is Jose I'm 42 years old looking to get back out there after so
many years ,I can try to play any position the team requiers,I truly just
want to play the game I've been away from so long.Im in the vancouver area
but are willing to travel.



Thank you .


My name is Everett Douglas. I am 22 and have played soccer since I 
was 5. In my teenage years, I played for my high school team and for 
my city's travel team. In my hometown, I play in Division 1 with our 
local university players. I am a defender who primarily plays 
wingback, but I have also played center-back for many teams. I am 
looking for a Division 1 or Division 2 team.

Email: everett.douglas@hotmail.com
Cell: 778-349-1494
Thank you,
Everett Douglas

Dear Everyone,

My name is Jerry Wang and I am a 16 year old boy looking to play in 
a team of any level. I live in Maillardville, Coquitlam, and am very 
mobile. I also have a friend who would like to join me in playing 
for a team. I have 11 years of soccer experience and am an 
optimistic, motivational, and determined individual!

I am confident to play any position well!

I used to play centre-back and goalie, but I have really improved my 
striker skills over the past few weeks!

Email: cpujerrywang@gmail.com
Cellphone: 604-722-5202

Thank you,

Jerry Wang

Hey there,

Looking for a Div 3 or co-ed team to play. I’m 27 y/o, live in
Burnaby and I’ve been playing since youth. Last 2022 Fall I was playing
bmsl Dev 3.

I play mostly full back and wingers but can play midfielder as well. Pretty
solid in defending and running. Free most nights and weekends for training
and matches.

Also, I have a few more friends who are good and committed to soccer if you
need a couple of more folks.

Email: haitong.ye.sde@gmail.com
Cell: 604-653-6886

Thank you,
Haitong Ye

Hi there,

my name is Hani Ghaffari, I'm 28 years old, and I live in Coquitlam. I play
Division/Tier 1 level, fit and athletic, and play midfield (center-mid or
in the wings). I'm looking for a Co-ed team to join this Spring and can
attend every game.
You can call/text me at 604-446-0393 or by email LuisHani17@gmail.com

All the best.

Hey there,

Looking for a team to play on this spring. I’m 46y/o, live in 
Surrey and I’ve been playing since youth. I prefer to play outside 
defence either side and like to think I have a good positional 
knowledge and a good eye for the field in front of me.

Email: jrmhealy@yahoo.com
Cell: 778-558-4413

Thank you,


Hello! My name is Brooke (she/her). I’m new to the area and looking 
for a coed team to join. I did many years of coed in Abbotsford and 
absolutely loved it, so I would love to join another league. I’ve 
been playing soccer since I was a kid. I prefer mid-wings or outside 
defence, but can also play forward. My number is 6049967447 - can 
call or text.

Kindest Regards,

Brooke Powell


I am looking to join a Knight Soccer League team. If you could please post
the blurb below on the website, that would be greatly appreciated:

I’m a 30-year old interested in joining a Div 3 or co-ed team along with
Taran Kang. I’m a 30-year-old fullback, also capable of playing
centre-back. I used to play on my university team in Winnipeg and have
played on several Men’s league Div 2, 3, and 4 teams in Edmonton and
Vancouver. Last year I tore my PCL, but in January I tested it out for a
season of Urban Rec and I’m fully healed, so I’m ready to join a men’s
league again. We're free most evenings for practices / games (except
Tuesday because of Urban Rec).

Matt Mayers



Hi there,

Looking to understand which league might be best for me. I'm over 35
and living in East Vancouver so hoping to find a league close to
there. I believe the best one would be Legends north East Division.

Bio: Have played for 20 years in a number of leagues, fit box to box
midfielder, good passer of the ball. Most importantly like to have
fun and a solid team guy. Enjoy a beer post game.

contact info


Hi there:

My name is Jonathan Wang, I'm 39 yrs old live in Surrey. Looking to get
back on the pitch. I would like to join a Co-Ed team. I'm an all around
player. Mid fielder / winger / fullbacks. Use to play a lot, but now
looking for a good time on the pitch with a great community of folks and
staying in shape.

You can email me at jonathan.hw.wang@gmail.com
Cell: 7783208987


My name is Paramvir Singh and I am 19 years old. I am looking to play in
division 3 and primarily play as a goalkeeper while also having brief
experience as a right back. I have good awareness of the field and excel at
communicating with my backline. Would love an opportunity to play with any

Thank you,
Paramvir Singh

Contact information:
Phone number: (604)603-7882
Email Address: paramvirs603@gmail.com