BC Soccer Return to Play Information

Knight Soccer League 2022

Divisions 1, 2, 3, Co-ed and Legends will start April 10 – 15
The Premier Division will start last week of April

Alcohol at Burnaby Lake will result in a fine
and possible expulsion from the KSL!


The team registration fee is $350; performance bond $200; field costs range from about $50 per home game in N. Delta on a grass pitch up to ~$155 for a 2.5 hour booking on Vancouver synthetic turf; referee fees are $40 / match each team every game for everyone but the Premier Division their cost is $90 / match / team to cover the added cost of assistant referees. There will be about 15 matches in the regular season so figure about 8 home games for field costs. There will be a field acquisition surcharge of about 10% added if the league has to find you a field. Teams in semi-finals will probably pay for assistant referees and the league pays the match officials in Championship Final matches. The play-off field fees will be split 50/50 between both teams home and away.

Team Registration - Managers

Complete and submit the online Team Affiliation form with 3 contacts - please provide full information for the primary contact and a minimum of names, contact phone numbers, and email addresses for the 2nd and 3rd contacts.

1. The KSL will send you the e-transfer email address
2. You will e-transfer the team registration and any bond owed
3. The KSL will send you the player registration username and password
4. The field fee estimate for the regular season will be sent to you

When you are paying by e-transfer please include:

Managers - the team name and division
Players' name(s) for new registrants and fines
Short note on what the payment is towards

Your manager should have the e-transfer email, and it is auto-deposit, so no question or answer is required.

Players must register before playing in the Knight Soccer League.

Two printable game day lists need to be brought to every match and given to the match official. It is best to print game day rosters the day of the match - do NOT print enough for the whole season before the first game because rosters will change as new players register. Registered players will have their names automatically populated on the team list. If a player's name is not on the team list they are not registered. Players can register after team lists are printed and their names can be printed by hand onto the game day roster, but the manager must contact us before they play to confirm their registration. Players can register on some smart phones but quite a few models crop-off the critical liability waiver agreement button and the registration is not processed despite the player thinking they have registered. People can check the team lists at any time to see a players’ name has been added to ensure a players’ registration has been completed. Teams that do not confirm with the league before playing a player whose name is hand printed on the game day list will be charged a $25 registration confirmation fee.

Players must register with the exact same name as the photo I.D. you will use for games; do not use nicknames or shorter versions of the names on your government laminated photo I. D. The photo I.D. must be shown to the referee at every match when requested by the referee. Failure to present proper photo I.D. will result in the loss of that game and a fine of $50.

Players 18 years old or younger must submit a parental liability form to the league, signed by a parent or guardian before they can play in the Knight Soccer League.

Division-winning teams and runners-up teams refusing promotion the following season may not be eligible for the playoffs.

Managers - enter the email address below in your contacts to ensure you will receive league emails: