The Knight Soccer League, managers and players all want the games to be played and are willing to overlook most obstacles to ensure that games are played as scheduled.

Match officials are appointed for every match by the KSL; should an official be unable to make it to the game the teams can agree to use another person to referee the match and the result will stand.

Home teams must ensure that two nets and four corner flags are in place for every match. Home teams on grass must line the pitch to the referee's satisfaction. Poor field lining, missing net(s) or lack of corner flags can result in fines.

Poor lining, missing nets and even missing corner flags are an annoyance and although away teams and referees might be irritated we want the game played. Inadequate lining by the home team will be a $50 fine and they should have nothing to complain about if the referee doesn’t rule in their favour because he can’t see the line. You will be fined $50 for lack of a net and $25 for lack of approved corner flags.

Home teams will switch to their alternate jerseys if there’s a colour clash. Jerseys must have a number on the back that is at least eight (8) inches high permanently attached to the jersey, every player has to have the same colour and style of jersey and a distinct & different number for each player. Teams can be fined for players wearing non-matching jerseys, doubling-up of jersey numbers, jerseys with no numbers, taped numbers, or pinnies while they are playing.

Pre-game duties include supplying two copies of KSL team lists, player picture ID & $40 for the referee, full set of jerseys with no duplicate numbers, also a ‘club’ assistant whose only duty will be to pay attention to and advise the referee when the ball has fully and completely crossed the touch-line and is out of play and indicated by raising the flag high above his / her head.

Post-game duties include making sure there is no garbage left by your team and if you show up to find there is a mess left by the previous team I recommend you send us some cell pics and we will look into it for you, you still have to remove the mess left by others or it will possibly be blamed on us regardless of culpability.

The penalty for forfeiting a game is up to $300; two or more forfeits will jeopardize the teams’ play-off hopes.

The KSL will not tolerate alcohol consumption on or close to the facilities used for our games. We will get rid of a team that has caused the problem before we will lose a field so no alcohol on the sideline, in the change rooms and players with alcohol on their breath or seen to be drinking will not be able to play any further part in the game. Fines, loss of points and expulsion can result from drinking at the game or in the facility area.

Managers must complete and submit a Team Affiliation form, available on the website administration page with full contact information for at least two contacts. Teams that do not accept promotion to a higher division the next season after playing in a Championship Final are not eligible for champions or runners-up credit that season.

Player Registration

The KSL is sanctioned by BCSA as an Associate Member League and registers players on BCSA ‘C’ forms. Players who ‘signed’ a BCSA registration form (A, B or M) for winter play with a team in a BCSA sanctioned senior league are registered with BCSA for a full calendar year up to the next Sept. and don’t have to pay player registration in the KSL. Players not registered in the fall/winter do have to register again to play KSL.

Players can play in more than one division of the KSL with the administrators’ agreement and they must register online for each team separately with complete information. Players can only play on one team in each division. Players must play at least one league game to qualify for the play-offs.

Players wanting to register and play in the KSL who didn’t sign a BCSA form to play this previous fall/winter will have to pay $20 to play in the KSL.

Players MUST be registered before playing in a game. If a player's name is not listed on the team's pre-printed roster, that player is not registered and therefore ineligible. Do not play ineligible players.

Co-ed Rule Adjustments

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