8-A-Side Competition

The 8 a-side mid-week games are designed to be less competitive and allow more touches of the ball to prepare for weekend league matches. The rules are modified to calm intensity and hopefully help eliminate injuries while allowing for better soccer skills and match fitness.

8 A-side Rules

No slide-tackling
Do not go to ground to challenge for a ball in the presence of an opponent.

No charging
Do not shoulder charge an opponent.

No punting or drop-kicks
Goalkeepers are encouraged to play the ball short,  over center could be a free-kick for the opponents.

No off-sides, substitution on the fly, no throw-ins – kicked passes instead, all free kicks are direct, encroachment on all restarts is five meters from the ball for opponents and players receiving a yellow card caution will sit-out for five minutes of game time and his on field presence can be replaced by a substitute.

See the Standings and Schedules section for 8-A-Side standingsand schedules.